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How can there be any ‘inside secrets’ to writing a memoir, you ask? You just write down what happened to you in the order it happened, right?



I don’t know about you, but my childhood diaries only make fascinating reading if you find ‘got up, had breakfast, went to school, did bilge and geog’ remotely interesting.


Later, my diaries got more interesting and I would recount the history of each medieval walled French town, list what I ate in every restaurant I visited and what they had for sale in the markets.




Here’s a home truth:


If you are writing about your life the sad fact is that much of what happens to you simply isn’t interesting. A litany of what-happened-nexts may serve as a great memory-jogger when you look back at what you wrote, but unless you know what makes good writing, you won’t remember exactly how the baking sun felt on your skin or what the white skinned peaches tasted like or exactly how much juice ran down your chin. You won’t be able to recall what the wine waiter said to you, what he looked like or even if you fancied him. 

I have been writing a journal since my friend Moira gave me a slim, week-to-a-page diary in British racing green when I was 11 years' old. I have kept one ever since. I think it took me another 15 years, when I got married and went to live abroad, to begin to write anything of value about what was happening to me. Those entries became the weekly letters, later faxes and eventually emails that I would send to my parents during the remaining 20 or so years that I have continued to move round the world, from Dubai to Oman, to Norway, to England for a bit and now to the Netherlands. In my early 30’s I began to have columns about my exploits published in several international magazines. When Peter Mayle wrote his bestselling A Year in Provence in 1991 it led to a meteoric rise not only in the numbers of people buying properties abroad but in those who were writing books about their experience. So, seeing a new trend and a new market, I decided to research how to write memoir myself properly.  In my 40’s I began to teach others to write it too. Since then my students have gone on to write and publish books, articles, columns, blogs, newsletters and poetry about their experiences. As I have lived abroad  it stands to reason that my students also belong to the international community.  I draw my inspiration from the people among whom I work and live and focus my research on  writing by and for expatriates.  I've studied how to work in this fascinating genre and am delighted to share what I have learned with you too.


Now you can learn how to do the same.


My motto is ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow’, so what I am going to offer to you now, free of charge, is what I consider to be the inside secrets to writing life story. Then, you won’t make the same mistakes I did for all those years. Considering I have made my living as a writer for over 25 years now and had my first book published at 24 (that was before I learned to write a diary!) that’s quite an admission!


Don’t make the mistakes I did!


Learn how YOU can get it right FIRST time.


And then, be inspired by case studies of 10 others who have also written their life story and see whether you could do the same!


Introducing ... How to Write Life Story – The Inside Secrets

"This FREE report 'How to Write Life Story – the Inside Secrets’ WILL ensure you DON’T make the same mistakes!"


And how do I know that?


Because I have taught over 2000 people to get writing. I have worked with over 100 people on a one-to-one basis to help them find their story, find their voice and achieve their writing and publishing goals. And, since my Write Your Life Stories home study program was launched recently I have watched my students, even those whom I have never met, get their work published all over the world. In all my years of teaching people to write I have only ever found one person who truly had no writing ability at all. Believe me, anyone can learn to use these tools. Even my mother!


When I started researching how to write life story I began by reading lots of examples of good (and bad!) memoirs and then I read all the books I could on how to write it. Finally, after a year or so, I realised that not one person had found a way to create a simple tool that would fit on a Post-it ™note and that would ensure that they never lost track of the most important rules. I’ll give you that tool here, of course.


 All this, is what I’m offering YOU, for FREE and NOW!


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Ten case studies from life story writers who are already seeing considerable success

My unique tool, the one that fits on a Post-It ™ and that will help you to add SPICE to your life stories.

Tools, tips and ideas to get you writing a better diary, Christmas letter, blog, column, article or full length memoir right away!

There is NO secret formula. Anyone can fulfil their dream of writing a life story if they're just presented with a FEW BASIC SECRETS...



Well here they are.....and they're free!


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Author, publisher, speaker, teacher and creative mentor

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